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How do you help make sure your kids are happy and successful?

Friends School students grow into confident, compassionate, and successful individuals through strong academics, mindful social emotional learning, community, connection, and strong role models... all to have a positive impact on the world.

Friends Heart LogoWe are a creative, challenging, safe environment where every student from preschool through 8th grade is seen, known, and loved. Small class sizes allow us to know each student fully for who they are, meet them where they are as learners, and help them to know themselves and set their own path.

Friends students are challenged academically and prepared to enter the world as thoughtful, kind, genuine, self-advocating, confident, and empathetic citizens. Friends provides a strong balance of rich academic and social emotional curriculum with an emphasis on character development that allows our graduates to successfully transition into any high school environment. Our students not only learn the importance of a social emotional education, they actually LIVE it.

Parents delight in seeing their child come home from school each day thriving in the joy of learning, the excitement to return to school the next day, and the discovery of knowing themselves well.

Friends School is Making the world better by:

Challenging minds.
Nurturing spirits.
Honoring individuality.

"I liked the small community and the way that allows you to get to know the teachers and have really close relationships."
Class of '23

Friends School

is a supportive, dynamic community committed to educating the whole child — head, hand, and heart — and to training exceptional teachers for tomorrow’s classrooms.

We believe in:



Play-based preschool experience. Lifetime of successful learning.

Elementary (K-5)

Project based learning. Creativity, design thinking, engagement.

Middle (6th-8th)

Integrated & experiential: Academics. Creativity. Critical Thinking. Social Responsibility.

Teacher Program

An innovative, research based, whole child Teacher Preparation Program (TPP) for Adults.


My child’s transition from Friends School to high school was so easy. From study habits and advocating for himself, to making friends and being academically prepared…he was completely ready.

Best program ever!!!

I have three children that attended Friends School and it was the best gift of education!

Friends School gave my high schooler confidence to advocate for himself and to communicate with and relate to teachers as people. I've noticed that kids from other schools are not prepared in that way.


Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.

Best Private School

Winner 2024

Silver 2023, Silver 2022
Winner 2021