Water, music, football & gummy bears

Congratulations to all of Friends School’s middle school scientists who showcased their science fair projects to our community on Tuesday afternoon. Thank you to all of our students for their hard work, dedication and research on some incredible topics, to science teacher Kevin Nugent for his inspirational leadership, and to the middle school staff whose help had a big impact. Please join us in congratulating all of our student scientists who presented the following topics. Those marked with (*) will go on to compete at the Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair in Denver on February 24 and 25 with the chance to compete at the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF) in March on the CSU campus in Ft. Collins.

  • Water/H2O: Designing a Device for Drinking Water While S.C.U.B.A. Diving – Josie (*)
  • “Swish n’ Swab”: The relationship between time and bacteria growth – Ilanah & Jasmine (*)
  • “The Heart of Music” The Relationship Between BPM and Music Heart Rate – Rowan & Madden (*)
  • “How to Find a Doodyful Dog” The Relationship Between Tone of Voice and Dog Reaction – Mason
  • “I Can’t Recall” The Relationship Between Memory and How Students Take in Content – Sofia & Fiona (*)
  • “Don’t Brand Me” The Relationship Between Brand and Perceived Quality – Ella & Teya (*)
  • “Catnip or Cat-nap” The Relationship Between Form of Catnip and Feline Heart Rate – Danny & Evan (*)
  • “The Dungeon of Creativity” The Relationship Between What Role is Played in Dungeons and Dragons and Creativity – Judah (*)
  • “Smokey Mamba” The Relationship Between different types of sugar and size of the snake – Asher & Charlie (*)
  • “I Forgot” The Relationship Between Fidgit and Memory- Gwyneth & Zailey (*)
  • “Eggs go weeee” the relationship between state of a chicken egg and how far the egg will fly-Evan & Matthew (*)
  • “Meat me in the middle.” The relationship between taste and smell- Addison (*)
  • “Weight A minute”. The relationship between weight and speed- Brandon & Lucas
  • “Give me a break.” The relationship between break pad material and stopping distance- Charlie & AJ (*)
  • “Run Faster”: The Difference Between Types of Encouragement and Running Speed- Pearce (*)
  • “Buff Plants!”: The relationship between type of liquid and the amount the plant grew- Campbell
  • “The Smiley Project”: The relationship between the participants mouth and the amount of bacterial growth- Willow
  • “Imagine That”: The relationship between the use of mental imagery and brain waves- Gryffin (*)
  • “Enchanted Sand”: Engineering a device to change sand into a liquid- Benjamin & Dominic (*)
  • “Taste of Color”: The Relationship Between Color and Perceived Taste- Soraya & Quincy (*)
  • “Sweet or Sour??” : How Does the Power of Suggestion Affect the Tate of Sweet and Sour- Amit
  • “Inflategate”: The Relationship Between PSI and How Far a Football Travels-Lazlo
  • “Your Killin’ Me Smalls” The Relationship Between Material of Bat and Distance Ball Travels”-Shane
  • “Gotta Grow!” : The Relationship Between Shared Surfaces and Bacterial Growth-Beckett (*)
  • “Can’t Bear It!”: The Relationship Between Gummi Bear Taste and Bias- Esme & Clare (*)
  • “Ice, Ice, Baby!” The Relationship Between Type of Liquid and Melt Time- Lennon

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