Friends Middle School

Innovative Inquiry-Based Learning

Are you looking for a school that Middle Schoolers love?

Friends School uses our strength in social emotional learning to connect with all students so they can truly love their school and community.

Middle School Facts

6th – 8th Grade

  • 8:30am-3:45pm M-F (9:15am start on Wednesdays)
  • North Campus
  • Approx. 15 students per class
  • Student teacher ratio about 6:1
  • Specialist teachers for Literacy/Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Spanish, Physical Education, and Technology
  • Electives may include human performance lab, debate, photography & moviemaking, dissection, art & activism, painting & murals, woodshop, jazz band, and more

Skilled Teachers

Friends middle school teachers foster positive relationships for all learners. Teachers embrace middle schoolers’ enthusiasm and prepare them exceptionally well for high school through hands-on experiences, inquiry-based exploration of concepts, and empowered student voice and choice.

Portrait of a Graduate









Our graduates are our gifts to the world. They have a strong sense of self, connection, and feel empowered to positively affect our world.

What Middle Schoolers Need:

Friends School has been transformative for my daughter. Her ability to connect with peers, self advocate and think critically astound me daily. She is challenged academically and seen for the whole person that she is. ​


to think abstractly & creatively

Strong Safe Relationships

with adults and peers

Chances to explore

who they are and who they want to become

Challenging Academics

that have meaning and relevance now


for their growing independence

Exceptional Preparation

for High School and beyond

Traditions & Celebrations

throughout the year with purpose & meaning

Best program ever!!!

I have three children that attended Friends School and it was the best gift of education! Now that they are in high school, middle school, and college, the core values of head, hand, heart, and the love of learning that the teachers emphasis in their programs continue to carry my kids through their academics and life.

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.