Jessie Vanden Hogen

I have been living in Colorado since 1991. After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder in 1995, I began teaching preschool. I started teaching at Friends School in 1999. I was lucky enough to participate in our Teacher Preparation Program and received my teaching license and my Master of Arts degree in Educational Psychology in 2004.
I love learning with children and enjoy how my job changes from moment to moment. I feel very connected to the staff, parents and children in this dynamic community. I feel empowered to create an environment where the concepts of head, hand and heart are equally represented. I am honored to teach at a school where children, families and teachers are respected and whose ideals are close to my heart.
Originally from Wisconsin (yes, I love cheese and the Packers), I spend my free time playing my violin and performing music with various bands, kicking a soccer ball around with friends, reading sci-fi novels, and enjoying quality time with my family.

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.