Heidi Halpern

I am truly excited to be the newest member of the Friends School family!  After 26 years working as the Deputy Director & CFO for a local nonprofit health center, I felt the need to make a change.  It was important for me to continue to serve the greater Boulder community in a meaningful way and working with the board, staff, faculty and students at Friends School offers me the opportunity to do just that.

In my previous role, financial oversight was my primary responsibility, however I also managed IT, facility and HR functions. I worked closely with government and private funders, donors and community partners to ensure fiscal sustainability and access to services for all patients. This skill set aligns directly with my role at Friends School and I look forward to new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and received my underdrgauate degree in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I visited Boulder just after graduation and ended up staying here!  Fast forward 30 years, I have made Boulder my home with my husband and two daughters (ages 10 & 14) and am still amazed at the view of the Flatirons and the abundance of sunshine. In my free time I enjoy hiking, knitting, meeting with my book club and cooking with my family.

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.