Colleen Weber

I’ve known I wanted to work with children since I was a kid myself. My first grade teacher was the most wonderful educator and she inspired me to become a teacher, too. Growing up, I was the go-to neighborhood babysitter. As a teen, I volunteered to coach youth basketball teams. Throughout college I worked in a preschool while earning my degree in Elementary Education. My professional career as a nanny has been centered around fostering the growth and development of young children.

I believe in the importance of play-based learning, and that my role as a preschool educator is to provide children with the tools and opportunities they need to explore their interests and learn through their environment. I am thrilled to start my journey as a preschool teacher at Friends School. I began substitute teaching here in spring of 2022, and I could tell right away that Friends is a special place. The teachers here are passionate individuals who take pride in their roles, and the students are truly happy to be in school. I am looking forward to making strong connections and collaborating with the rockstar preschool team!
I am originally from Rhode Island, but moved to Colorado 6 years ago to pursue big mountain goals. I enjoy pushing myself in the mountains: hiking, skiing, mountain biking, climbing, backpacking—all the Colorado things!

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.