Meet the Staff: Steve Fragleasso

Meet the Staff: Steve Fragleasso K-8 PE Teacher, Steve Fragleasso (pr: frag-lee-AH-so) joined the Friends School team in January this year, bringing the joy of outdoor education to our students. Learn a little bit more about him in this brief interview. Where are you from and where do you live now?  I was born and […]

Navigating Trauma with Resilience

Navigating Trauma with Resilience by Friends School mom and local trauma therapist, Lauren Hassan, LCSW Many thanks to Friends School mom and trauma therapist, Lauren Hassan, LCSW, who met with our staff last week to provide tools and resources to navigate these challenging times. Lauren shares her experience as this week’s guest blogger. I recently […]

Front Desk Coordinator: Jana Bledsoe

She’s the heart of our elementary school and knows every student and their families by name. She’s worn many hats at Friends School over the last 20 years, but there’s a lot more to know about Front Desk Coordinator, Jana Bledsoe.

Meet the Staff: Sean Kehoe

He’s at both of our campuses, arriving very early in the morning, often here on weekends, and mostly behind the scenes. Sean Kehoe, our Facilities Manager, is a valued member of our staff who keeps our campuses running smoothly and looking great.

Celebrating Day of the Dead

Halloween and Day of the Dead are not the same thing. Friends Spanish Teacher, Maria Gamboa, loves sharing this important tradition of her native Mexico with her students and integrating it with beautiful art projects.

Honor Travels to the Netherlands to Celebrate Nobel Laureate

by Honor Taft, Friends School Head of School At this end of the month , I’ll be taking a trip abroad. Normally, a head of school wouldn’t take time away during the busy month of January. This trip, however, is deeply meaningful to me, so I’d like to share why I’m going. On Saturday, January […]

Rashel Gandhi-Besbes named outstanding graduate at CU

Congratulations to Friends AfterCare teacher Rashel Gandhi-Besbes who has been named the outstanding graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences at CU Boulder for fall 2018. Rashel’s honor thesis is about conservation efforts in Tanzania. She is graduating summa cum laude in anthropology from the University of Colorado Boulder. Read more about Rashel’s work and award here. 

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