Brandi Sanchez

I am so excited to join the Friends School community as a math teacher!  I love teaching math, and have taught it at every level from sixth grade through community college over the past decade.  My favorite part of math is that there is always more than one way to arrive at the correct solution to a problem, and the creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills we use to find that solution are the same skills necessary to solve problems in our lives as well.  That’s why I believe that everybody can and should learn math!

My husband and I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, and after teaching there for a few years we lived and taught on a tiny Micronesian island in the equatorial Pacific called Kosrae, followed by an international school in Taiwan. We have two young sons and we decided to move back to the US to be closer to family, and couldn’t be happier to be living in Boulder.

When I’m not teaching, you can find me hiking with my family, reading a good book or working on whatever my current craft project is!

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.