Taylor Replane

I am thrilled to begin my first year as Director of Enrollment Management. To be part of the Friends School community is an immense honor and privilege. I am thankful to be surrounded by inspiring educators, dedicated staff members, and school leaders who work tirelessly to nurture the mission of Friends School. I have worked […]

Shelby Pawlina

For most of my adolescence I dreamt of being a coroner. I thought using science to solve mysteries and find answers would be a compelling way to spend my days. (Many thanks to Jack Klugman and Quincy, ME.) I went to college with this plan. First semester, I began volunteering with the university’s version of […]

Krysten Fort-Catanese

My family and I joined the Friends School community in 2016 after returning to the US from living abroad in Thailand for seven years. The educational philosophy of Friends resonates deeply with my own. Like Friends, I am committed to supporting children with finding their spark and joy in learning through inquiry of the world […]

Heidi Halpern

I am truly excited to be the newest member of the Friends School family!  After 26 years working as the Deputy Director & CFO for a local nonprofit health center, I felt the need to make a change.  It was important for me to continue to serve the greater Boulder community in a meaningful way and working […]

Ivan Johnson

I chose Friends School because it aligns with my values as a person and educator; putting the heart and mind first. I am so excited to be a part of a learning community which promotes connection and has students work through topics and questions that are relevant, leading to a Friends School graduate who sees […]

Meg Hansen

My journey at Friends School began many years ago when looking for a preschool for my oldest son. From the minute I stepped in the door, I was sold. My preschooler and his brother are now grown men and yet my work and love for this school has continued to grow every year since. I’ve […]

Honor Taft

I am excited to begin my third year as Head of School at Friends. While the spring of our 2019-2020 school year was different than any I could have imagined, I count my lucky stars every day that this is the school community I get to navigate the COVID-19 landscape with. This is an outstanding […]

Stephen Butler

Stephen has spent the last 25+ years supporting both PK-12 and higher education institutions. He has actively worked in all areas of educational technology from teaching and training to installing networks and servers.

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