Yay! Science!

by Kevin Nugent, Middle School Science Teacher

A huge congratulations to middle school students Chayse, Gryffin, Avi, Tadan, Phoenix, Chloë, Phoebe and Lola for their outstanding performance at CSEF, the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair, held on the Colorado State University Campus in Ft Collins April 7th and 8th. These student scientists qualified for the state level by first competing and qualifying at the Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair February 25-28th, where the top 3 students in each category advanced to the state competition.  

Students received Special Awards, awards that are given by specific organizations in recognition of the students specific research. These Special Awards came from the Colorado Native Plant Society, and the Colorado Medical Society, as well as a Pioneers of Science Awards, which honors the student research that aligns with pioneers in science (scientists such as Dian Fossey).

Lastly, students earned places in the overall standings as well, taking 3rd and 4th place in the Health and Medicine categories, 4th in the Environmental Sciences category, and 2nd in the Microbiology and Molecular Biology category.

Once again, congratulations on an amazing science fair process. YAY! Science!

Special Awards

Given by specific organizations in recognition of the students research.

Chayse: Colorado Native Plant Society, cash award

Chloë: Colorado Medical Society, summer internship and cash award

Pioneer of Science Awards

An award to honor the student research that aligns with pioneers in science, e.g. Dian Fossey

Gryffin Lawrence

Grand Awards

Overall in fair awards, by category

Avi, Tadan, Phoenix, 3rd place. Medicine and Health

Chloë, 4th place. Medicine and Health

Chayse, 4th place, Environmental Sciences

Gryffin, 2nd place, Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Students' research topics:

Gryffin: Toothpaste Trauma. The Relationship Between Toothpaste and Percentage Change in Bacteria

Lola and Phoebe: Headway of Headache? The Relationship Between the Biologic Reaction of Learning Online vs. Learning in Person.

Avi, Tadan, Phoenix: Go With the Flow: The Relationship Between Frequency and Brainwaves

Chloë: TATAA, Celiac. A Proposed Model for Celiac DNA Isolation, Intervention, and Cure

Chayse: Ponder This. How Wildfire Smoke Affects the Growth and Health of Ponderosa Pine Trees

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