Volunteer Profile:  Beth Kimberly

by Lou Bendrick, Director of Development


Personal: (kids, hub, pets) Adam Kimberly (hubby), Sophia (11), David (14), Papai (black lab-10), Joey (guinea pig-3)

Education/current or previous employment: Doctorate in cell and molecular biology (a long time ago!) and worked as a postdoc at CU doing lab research (what brought us to Boulder and loved it), but was ready to put it aside when we started a family 15 years ago. Considering again what I want to do now but feel SO fortunate to have been able to be home with my kids all this time.

Hobbies & passions & talents: Soothed by embroidery and crafts and watercolor painting, love being with my family, hiking, camping, and traveling.

Q: How did you find Friends School & why did you choose it for your children? We had heard about Friends preschool when looking for our daughter.  When public school wasn’t the right fit for her, we visited Friends and were so impressed with the social and emotional emphasis in the curriculum as well as the warmth of the faculty and staff.

Q: What motivates you to volunteer? It feels right…it is my pleasure and responsibility to help at a place we love and has given us so much.

Q: What books are you reading right now? (Alternate question: If you could have one super power what would it be?) Most recently I read on my own “A Gentleman in Moscow” (highly recommend it, but yikes—that was several months ago) and Sophia and I read “My Side of the Mountain” together recently—I loved that book as a kid and again reading it with my daughter.

Q: If we were to open your fridge, what would we find? Ack…not a pretty place; I just cleaned it out and found some scary old stuff…but it is much better now:  eggs, avocados, mangos, pancake mix (orange bowl), milk, taco salad leftovers…

Q: How do you recharge? Being outside—best if hiking, baking, quiet services at our church, being with my family.

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