Teacher Preparation Program (TPP)

Teacher Preparation

Friends School offers a unique Teacher Preparation Program to aspiring teachers that will enable them to attain a Colorado Teaching License as well as an optional Master’s degree in education through our partnership with the University of Colorado Denver.

This highly regarded graduate-level program offers two tracks depending on your specific needs. Coursework begins in August with an orientation week and continues every Saturday throughout the school year.  All teacher candidates will engage in a year of hands-on classroom teaching experience regardless of the “field experience option” chosen.

Applications for 2023-2024

Applications accepted into Summer 2023

Step 1

Complete the online application.

Step 2

Note: To enroll in ANY Alternative Teacher Licensing Program in Colorado, including the Friends School Teacher Preparation Program, you must pass the appropriate Praxis Exams. Details in the CDE Alternative License Instructions.

Step 3 (Optional)

University of Colorado Denver
Master’s Program.

Note: To be completed with TPP Support in May/June – if accepted into program.

Email Julie Hart for additional information.

Required Field Experience

Option 1

Co-Teaching Residency Model

The residency track of the program places teachers in one of our partnership classrooms in public and independent schools throughout Boulder and surrounding counties each year.

Teacher candidates spend four days each week for one school year in either an elementary or preschool classroom, working alongside a mentor teacher in a co-teaching role. The mentor teacher serves as the teacher of record in this model.

Option 2

Teacher of Record or Employee Model

In this track of the program, teacher candidates generally secure a position within a school on their own, either as the teacher of record, assistant or associate teacher, or paraeducator.

The teacher candidate is essentially an employee of the school where they are gaining their required field experience and may be required to work Monday through Friday at their school.

License & Master's Degree

Colorado Teaching License

Upon completion of the program and passing of required test, teacher candidates receive their Initial Colorado Teaching License in either Elementary Education (K-6) or Early Childhood Education (birth-age 8).

Master’s Degree (Optional)

Participants may choose to complete a Master’s in Learning, Developmental and Family Sciences, through our partnership with the University of Colorado Denver.

Teacher candidates in the Master’s program receive 12 hours of graduate credit for their classroom teaching experience and coursework completed within the program, with an additional 6 credits earned through University of Colorado Denver courses during the program year. The remaining eighteen credits through University of Colorado Denver are generally taken over the summer and following year.

Tuition & Finances

Stipends Available

Applicants to Friends TPP may be eligible to receive funds up to $22,000 from Colorado HB 22-1220 Law.

For more details: Email Julie Hart


Optional Additional Fees

Master's Degree

Significant discount over a main CU Denver degree

Prices subject to change.

Partner Schools

The Friends School Teacher Prep Program was one of the best years of my life, and it has shaped my entire teaching career. I completed the program in 2008 and have been teaching from the heart ever since. Thank you!

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.