If I’m OK, Are You OK?

Parents of Friends preschoolers know that their children are learning at one of Boulder’s best preschools. What’s often a surprise for them, however, is the added parent education they receive from our amazing preschool team.

Pre-K friends

Our Pre-K students are so happy to back together sharing playground adventures, creating in the classroom, and enjoying fun friendships.

Preschool First Week

It’s been a great start of school for our newest students. Preschool East students are enjoying their time in the classroom, exploring the playground, and making new friends.

Preschool Lemonades

Preschool Lemonades are one of our favorite events of the year! Our preschool and Pre-K students and their families gathered on the playground today to play, reconnect, make new friends and enjoy some of Dacia’s homemade lemonade. We can’t wait for school to start and welcome all of our preschool families back to Friends.

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.