It's science fair season

by Kevin Nugent, Middle School Science Teacher

What do the following have in common?

  • Using CRISPR to cure Celiac Disease
  • Measuring biometrics to quantify online versus in person learning
  • Studying the effects of binaural beats on brain waves
  • Studying bacterial growth in the mouth before and after brushing
  • Testing taste preference between organic and conventional apples
  • Studying the effects of interacting with animals on heart rate
  • Using geometric progression to explain golf ball bounce at different altitude 

These are small samples of the research that is currently going on at Friends middle school for our Science Fair.

For the last several months, along with exploring physics, states of matter, cellular anatomy, and biology, the 7th and 8th grade students have been diving into research topics of their choice as they explore experimental design and research methodology. These projects require a lot of navigating…dividing a large project into smaller units, time management, working successfully with partners, completing required forms for an Institutional Review Board and Scientific Review Committee, and effectively dealing with the inevitable setbacks and challenges that come with all scientific research.

Our scientists will be presenting their projects at the Middle School in early February. Several of these students will go on to present their research posters at the Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair (DMRSEF), with the hopes of advancing to the state science fair level in Fort Collins to present at the Colorado Science Engineering Fair (CSEF). Many Friends middle school students have previously presented with great success at the regional and state levels and we wish them, and all the students, the best of luck!

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