Friends School’s first 8th grade class will be graduating in May. As they look towards high school, we’ve taken the opportunity to interview each of them to find out about their time at Friends School, whether they are “lifers” (here since Preschool) or brand new to Friends School. Please enjoy this interview of Allison Hoeffler, one of Friends School’s lifers.


Allison Hoeffler

Q: What grade are you in?


Q: How old are you?

Allison as a 3-year-old on the first day of Friends preschool

14. I started at Friends in preschool when I was 3 years old. That makes me a Friends School “lifer”.

Q: What do you remember from preschool? I remember playing with gak, and the sensory table. I remember a lot from second grade – I really loved being with my buddy. Then when I was older I got to be the older buddy, and now my buddy is in fifth grade and it is so cool to see her when I’m at the elementary school.

Q: Share a memory from a ceremony or trip. Tell me about the experience and what it meant to you.

The beading and naming ceremonies – I love those. I’ve collected all of the beads since I’ve been here and was given names like Joyous Jumper and Colorful Shoes. I didn’t know people noticed or appreciated those things. It’s really surprising. I also really enjoyed going to Cure Farm. I remember it being really fun to plant things and walk around and see all of the animals.

Q: What is a life lesson that you learned here?

Friends School introduced me to theater. My very first play was here. Now I’m very involved with a local theatre company. I love playing characters and being on stage.

Q: Tell me about a project or class that stands out and/or inspired you.

In middle school, science is definitely my favorite class. Kevin (Nugent) is such an amazing teacher and I love going to his class. Learning about cells, for example has been amazing. I can tell that he genuinely loves what he’s doing and that there is nothing he’d rather be doing than teaching middle school.

Q: Tell me about a person from Friends that stands out and/or inspired you.

Liz Richards who was my teacher in 4th and 5th grade. She was so much fun! I never realized that learning could be so fun.

Q: What’s a question I should ask another interviewee?

What is one word that describes your whole Friends School experience?

Q: Do you have advice for future Friends students?

I would want them to understand that we don’t just say that it’s a welcoming environment, it really is. At Friends, teachers get you genuinely interested in learning. It’s not just for the test – it’s real life. They teach academics, but it’s done hand-in-hand with learning to be a kind person.

Q: Do you know where you will go to High School? 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice

Allison as an 8th grader at Friends Middle School

Monarch, New Vista, or Boulder High. I’m hoping to find a good theatre program. I’m nervous and excited to go to a large, new school.

Q: What are your passions? What makes you, you?

I’ve done a lot of musical theater, dance and gymnastics.

Q: What was it like to be part of Friends first middle school class?

It was amazing and crazy because there were SO many possibilities! I like it a lot. I’m trying to live in the moment and not focus on leaving. I love having all of the grades here and it was really special to be a part of starting the middle school.

Q: If you could wave a wand……

I wish that we had a student council in middle school. It would be great to have a say in how things are done.

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.