E Shaw

A large component of my success as an undergraduate was due to finding the right college. I am excited to be transitioning to working in education at Friends Middle School, because Friends is a lot like the college where I ultimately received my Bachelor’s. Friends’ emphasis on learning for understanding, and fostering excitement and curiosity around learning in learners, are the educational values that allowed me to flourish at my undergraduate university. I am eager to play a part in implementing these educational philosophies and to see the students at the middle school blossom. I am also interested to see where my own interests overlap with the learning interests of the students with whom I will be working.
A few of my personal interests include battling bindweed in my garden, spending time with loved ones, and cliché Boulder pastimes like trail-running, hiking, backpacking, and hugging trees.

Challenging minds. Nurturing spirits. Honoring individuality.